Admission open for online 3EP - Preschool Readiness August 2021


Enhancing Early Learning for Parents

“A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame.”-R.N. Tagore.

Enhancing Early Learning programme offers online interactive courses of shorter duration to keen learners who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in early childhood education.

Courses offered are:

(i) EEL Basic Programme (8 Sessions of one hour each, twice a week) - The course content includes the following topics:

  • Understanding the Needs of Children
  • Promoting Holistic Development among Children
  • Developing Motor Skills
  • Building Language Skills
  • Creative Crafty Ideas for Children

(ii) EEL Advance Programme* (8 Sessions of one hour each, twice a week) - The course content includes the following topics:

  • Maximizing a Child’s Potential
  • Readiness for Reading
  • Promoting Self-Disciple as a Life Skill
  • Understanding a Child’s Play
  • Effective Meal Planning

* Advance Programme can be done only after the completion of Basic Programme.

Curriculum and Content Development

Our objective of curriculum and content development is to create a love for learning among preschool and primary school children. To enhance the learning outcome of the children, activity-based booklets and workbooks are used for all subject areas.
Especially created activity-based booklets empower the teacher with

  • experiential learning
  • creating teaching learning material
  • print rich environment

The workbooks aredesigned for class 1 to class 5 in tandem with the school curriculum. These workbooks are prepared by our experienced teachers who have planned the content in a way that is easy for the child to understand and practice.

Creating Functional Libraries

Library plays an important role in the development of language, comprehension and wider reading skills. It provides a place for collaborative learning, creativity and for developing independent literacy skills. We design libraries to promote reading skills among children through

  • storytelling
  • appropriate reading level books
  • hands on activities

This initiative allows the school / organizations to create functional libraries in existing spaces.

Enhancing English Language Program (EELP)

EELP focuses on empowering adults with functional language skills. It is achieved by

  • working knowledge of English
  • easy to comprehend language
  • a hands-on approach
  • a variety of methodologies
  • several opportunities to speak in the language

Teacher Development Program for Social Development Sector - Medha

Medha aims to empower economically weaker section women in the education sector. This is a comprehensive 3-month program which equips women to be meaningfully employed in play schools and preschools of their area. The program enables them to:

  • understand the needs of children
  • have a repertoire of teaching methodologies
  • have opportunities for internship in their area