Admission open for online 3EP - Preschool Readiness August 2021


The in-service programme promotes personal and professional development of in-service teachers working in the foundation years.

Our workshops are targeted towards enhancing the knowledge, attitude and skills of educators and empowering them with latest pedagogical skills to cater to the needs of 21st century students.

We offer hand picked modules from Child Development, Curriculum and Skill Development and Classroom Management. Some of the topics are:

  • The Dynamic Preschool Teacher
  • Maximizing a Child’s Potential
  • Enhancing Language Skills
  • Developing Prewriting Skills
  • Effective Lesson Planning
  • Scope of Teaching Learning Material
  • Collaborative Classroom Management
  • Promoting Effective Interactions
  • Learning through Discovery and Exploration
  • Understanding Play of Young Children

The salient features of the workshops are:

  • Interactive sessions
  • Activity based learning which can be transacted into the classroom
  • Ongoing assessments of the participants
  • Summative assessment on the subject areas covered
  • A certificate of participation is awarded

Our forte lies in customizing the workshops for schools as per their requirement.