Admission open for online 3EP - Preschool Readiness August 2021


Q1. In what language is the course conducted? Will I have a problem if I am more fluent in Hindi?

The course is conducted in English. However, we are bilingual (English and Hindi) in the classroom when required. You need to be able to understand English, but you are welcome to communicate in Hindi in the class if you are more comfortable with it. Persons who are keen to upgrade their skills in the English language are encouraged and supported all through the programme.

Do remember that there is a demand for teachers teaching Hindi, Computer, Games, etc. Looking ahead, you will find your niche in a school when seeking employment.

Q2. This is the first time I am stepping out of home or planning to study after a long break. Will I face a problem adjusting?

We are aware that a number of people who undertake the course are looking at a change of pace and occupation. The tempo of the course picks up gradually over the six months therefore making it is easy to fall into a new routine. There is ample time given for submissions making it comfortable to achieve the task.

Q3. Will I become a better mother? Will I learn how to deal with my own children?

The content is designed in a way that you will discover more about child development and understand the needs that children have at different ages and stages of growth. You will find yourself becoming more patient, more understanding and even more intuitive about your child’s behaviour.

You will learn how best to enhance your child’s abilities and extend them in fun ways. You will be able to offer interventions, opening up possibilities with simple practical strategies.

Q4. Will I gain confidence and poise?

The friendly, supportive environment enables to develop a sense of confidence in communication skills. The modules on personal and professional development skills promote an understanding on engaging with the audience effectively during presentation and demo sessions. Several trainees have confirmed that a more positive self-image was an unexpected “outcome” of the 3EP.

Q5. What is the fee?

The course is affordably priced. We offer two convenient payment options.

Q6. Which schools do you take us to for internships?

To ensure that our trainees get as varied an experience as possible, we take them to the preschools and nursery to class 2 sections of formal schools.

Our trainees have interned at The Shri Ram Schools, Shiv Nadar, Kunskapsskolan, A Step Ahead, Sixth Element, Medham, Intellitots, Little Pearls, and Pathways Early Years amongst other preschools and formal schools.

Q7. What about placements?

3EP has successfully trained more than 520 teachers since 2007, most of whom are working in about 85 eminent schools and preschools of Delhi and NCR. To name a few: TSRS Aravali and Vasant Vihar, Heritage, Shiv Nadar, Lotus Valley, KR Mangalam, Kunskapsskolan, ManavBharati, Pathways, Shikshantar, Ridge Valley, TSMS Noida and Gurgaon.

Q8. Will you help me get a job after I complete the course?

We ensure internship at some of the leading schools and preschools in NCR which gives you a thorough exposure to classroom situations. Thus, preparing you for effective demo sessions during a selection process.

We support you by giving guidance for placements – how to apply, when to apply, writing CVs and preparing you for interviews.

Q9. What are my other options besides joining a school?

Some of our trainees have turned entrepreneurs by setting up learning centers for children. Some have joined the social development sector and are contributing in the field of education. To be a freelancer and work on time bound projects is another option some of our alumni have chosen.