Admission open for online 3EP - Preschool Readiness August 2021


Foundations of Teaching

This comprises of modules which focus on the theoretical aspects of the program. The hands-on approach will be adopted with several opportunities for trainees to experience the very activities and methods they would later impart. Strategies and application form a core part of the lessons.

Subject Areas
a. Child Development and Educational Psychology

A sound knowledge of the developmental milestones, needs and tasks for each age and stage of the child is imperative for early childhood educators. This module enables the trainee with an understanding of the abilities of the child and efficient strategies that can be used to enhance and develop them. Topics include learning, perception, multiple intelligences, and learning styles, along with an understanding of developmental psychology and relevant theories.

b. Foundations of Education: Educational Thought

All aspects of human life and development impacts education and this module focuses on the development in education across the world through the ages. In this course one also examines the current status of early childhood education and its challenges in the global context.

c. Curriculum and Skill Development

A good understanding of an age appropriate curriculum and focusing on skill development is the basis of this module. A theoretical and practical aspect of lesson planning and delivery equips the trainees to engage meaningfully with children across age groups. Visiting faculty from The Shri Ram Schools brings in a wealth of experiences further enhancing the learning of the trainees in the classroom.

d. Classroom Management

A practical and hands on module that brings to life all the elements of classroom management. The trainees are equipped to understand the different aspects of a dynamic teacher through a variety of exposure and experiences. With a variety of topics that are interwoven to create a classroom climate conducive to learning based on unique strategies complimenting each child’s needs.

e. Personal and Professional Development

Opportunities to develop personal and professional skills include:

  • Active Listening
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Event Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Circle Time
  • Developing basic IT skills
  • First Aid

The personalized mentoring promotes an aspiration towards developing leadership skills in the individual capacity of the trainees.


The course comprises of theory sessions along with real time observation and teaching practice. The trainees are given internship opportunities at The Shri Ram Schools and eminent preschools of Delhi and NCR. The duration of the internship is 6 weeks in the course timeline. The objective of this module is to allow trainees to learn to plan, execute and reflect on their lessons.

Research Based Project Work

Research based project work promotes critical thinking, analysis and a holistic understanding of the given task.


Assessments will also be on-going throughout the course. Internal evaluation of assignments, aids, lesson plans and teaching practice are a part of the course.